Another Rule Change Needed

Erica Shepard wins US Junior Amid (Another) Rules Controversy

Golf Digest

“On the 19th hole of her semifinal match on Friday, Shepherd’s opponent, Elizabeth Moon, missed a three-foot birdie putt that would have given her the win. Before Shepherd, a high school senior-to-be could concede the tap-in par putt, Moon hastily pulled her ball back.

Afterward, Shepherd was upset with the reaction to what had happen on social media, much of it negative toward how she handled the situation. Shepherd said she would have conceded the putt and the pair could have played on, but the Rules of Golf  prohibited her from doing so retroactively.”

Dear USGA – This is getting downright ridiculous. Fix your rules before you drive everyone crazy. If two competitors in a match agree retroactively that a putt would have been conceded, your damn rules should not override that agreement between the competitors. Get real and do it real soon! The lame excuse that “those are the rules” won’t fly anymore. We golfers are sick and tired of bad rules.

The Head Fanatic

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