Bernhard Langer is a Cheater

Hank Haney takes to Twitter to question legality of Bernhard Langer’s putting style

Watch for yourself as Langer anchors his forearm against his chest…


Chamblee doubles down on anchoring issue: “What they’re doing is not above reproach”

Click HERE for Brandel’s comments.

And here’s more evidence…

Click HERE for the video proof that Langer is anchoring…this time anchoring his hand against his chest in direct violation of the Rules of Golf.

Langer knows he’s cheating and, frankly, he has always played fast and loose with the rules. Bernhard Langer may be the only Masters Champion who was nearly booted from the tournament one year for violating their practice rounds rules of hitting only one ball to the green. He was warned once and kept doing it. When warned a second time later in the same round he was told that if he did it again he would be removed from the premises.

Truth be known, Bernhard Langer believes the Rules of Golf are for everyone else. He and anyone else playing fast and loose with the anchoring ban needs to penalized until it stops and disqualified if it doesn’t. The game is much bigger than any one man.

Frankly, the anchoring rule needs to be changed to ban long putters. It is not golf and everyone knows it.

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