Selfishness is a key to success for a tour pro … until it goes too far

By Shane Ryan

“If I were being glib, I could describe a round of golf as two minutes of exertion sprinkled among five hours of waiting. Is four more minutes really that big a deal? And hey, why didn’t everyone get this mad at Jordan Spieth when he took a half hour to hit a shot at the British Open last year?”

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To answer Mr. Ryan’s rhetorical question, YES, four minutes is really that big a deal. You don’t think so, Shane? The next time you tee it up, I hope you have to play 18 holes behind some selfish knucklehead who takes four minutes for EVERY shot. Then let’s see what you say. As for Spieth, I got this mad at Spieth when he took a half hour to hit a shot at the British Open last year. In fact, I got madder. How about you? Good grief…  – The Head Fanatic


“I’ve got JB’s back all day”??


One of the slowest players on tour has JB’s back. Well, isn’t that reassuring…

Click HERE for the video of Justin Thomas making a fool of himself.

S-L-O-W players are incredibly selfish and totally clueless about the impact they are having on their fellow players, the fans and the game in general.   – The Head Fanatic

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Have you ever played golf in the rain?

Have you ever played golf in the snow?

Ever snuck away from work or called in sick to tee it up?

Ever arrived home late for dinner because you were playing golf?

JB Holmes is Selfish…and S-L-O-W as Hell


With an outside chance to win, JB Holmes stood over his second shot for an eternity on the final hole of the Farmers Insurance Open and then laid up!

All the while, leader Alex Noren, only needing a birdie on the hole to seal the victory, had to stand there and endure this selfish behavior.

While the world waited, and the fans booed, JB JHolmes stood there with his finger up his nose, unaffected. He couldn’t have cared less. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quote from him…

“A lot of old habits kick in when you’re under pressure,” Holmes said. “You’re playing for $1 million. If somebody thinks I’m slow, or taking long, I don’t care. Personally, I don’t want to take that long. I’m working on that. I would rather be slow and win than rush something, hit a bad shot and not win.” – JB Holmes,, June 3, 2008

That’s right, TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT. Nearly TEN years ago.

So, JB, how long do you plan on “working on” your slow play?

He has no interest in speeding up. What a jerk. – The Head Fanatic