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Why the morbid fascination with rulings??

Am I the only one who is real tired of networks spending so much time on a ruling when there’s a golf tournament to cover?

TNT just spent several minutes on a totally meaningless ruling involving Ian Poulter without breaking away to a single shot from another competitor.

It doesn’t seem to matter which tournament is being covered, or which network is doing the coverage, when a player needs a ruling the network suspends coverage of the tournament and focuses exclusively on the ruling! Do they actually believe we viewers would rather watch a ruling than a golf tournament?

I mean, really. Good grief…

Excellent story about Grayson Murray

“By the time Haas finally watched Murray play, in 2010, as a high school sophomore, he saw the total package. “I was like, Oh my, he looked like a Tour pro at that age,” Haas says. “Selfishly, I like kids who look like they have a chance to go to the next level, and it’s just a bonus if they play well in college. Grayson had that look about him.”

The same weekend that an apple-cheeked Texan named Jordan Spieth dazzled crowds at the Nelson, Murray, also 16, became the second-youngest player to make the cut at a Tour event, at his hometown Rex Hospital Open in Raleigh. Later that year, Golf Magazine ran a photo spread of both Spieth and Murray. The buzz was building, and they were seemingly on the same path for success – the publication declared theirs the “swings of the future.”

Click here for the article…

Another Rule Change Needed

Erica Shepard wins US Junior Amid (Another) Rules Controversy

Golf Digest

“On the 19th hole of her semifinal match on Friday, Shepherd’s opponent, Elizabeth Moon, missed a three-foot birdie putt that would have given her the win. Before Shepherd, a high school senior-to-be could concede the tap-in par putt, Moon hastily pulled her ball back.

Afterward, Shepherd was upset with the reaction to what had happen on social media, much of it negative toward how she handled the situation. Shepherd said she would have conceded the putt and the pair could have played on, but the Rules of Golf  prohibited her from doing so retroactively.”

Dear USGA – This is getting downright ridiculous. Fix your rules before you drive everyone crazy. If two competitors in a match agree retroactively that a putt would have been conceded, your damn rules should not override that agreement between the competitors. Get real and do it real soon! The lame excuse that “those are the rules” won’t fly anymore. We golfers are sick and tired of bad rules.

The Head Fanatic


Langer: Jealousy plays a role in anchoring criticism

Just sayin…

Jordan Spieth hit 3 of 14  fairways in the final round, yet played the last five holes 5-under. He also had five straight one-putts beginning on the 13th hole to lock up the 146th Open Championship.

He is the greatest putter and worst driver in the history of major championship golf.

Seve and Tiger finish #2 and #3 in my book for great putters/bad drivers in majors. But Spieth takes the prize. He also proves that putting is the single most important skill a competitive golfer must have in order to become truly great.