Honourable Society of Golf Fanatics Announces the Launch of Odd Balls!


The Greatest Advancement in Golf Ball Technology Since Balata!

Since the earliest days of the game, golfers have talked to their ball. “Get up!” “Get down!” “Sit!” “Bite!” But the ball never listens. Our research has shown that this is because we don’t always hit the ball “on the nose”, one of the most difficult challenges of the game.

Even if we do hit it on the nose, rarely does it “bite” when it hits the green.  And then, as if we haven’t suffered enough, once we make it to the green, it’s rare when we make a putt. But there’s always “that guy” who “putts like his ball has eyes”. He makes everything! We ask ourselves, “Why can’t I putt like that?”

The game can be so frustrating…and we wanted to do something to help the average golfer.

So now, thanks to our latest advancement in golf ball technology – Odd Balls – your ball will always “listen” when you talk to it,, you will always hit it “on the nose”, it will always “bite” when it hits the green, and you will always “putt like your ball has eyes”…because, well, it does have eyes.

Odd Balls are available immediately, and exclusively online at the Honourable Society of Golf Fanatics website (http://golffanatics.org/shop) or at www.oddballs.us. They can be purchased individually or in a four-pack including:

“The Ball That Listens”  


“The Ball With a Nose”  


“The Ball That Bites”  


“The Ball with Eyes”


Odd Balls, sold individually, are $3.99 ea. + shipping & handling. The four-pack sells for $11.95 plus shipping & handling, saving the golfer $1 per ball.

Complete instructions on the use of Odd Balls are included with every purchase and can be viewed at this link: http://golffanatics.org/odd-balls-instructions

“We’re very excited about this breakthrough in golf ball technology and what it can do to improve every golfer’s game,” said the society’s Founder & Head Fanatic. “We hope everyone will give them a try. Even if they don’t improve your game, Odd Balls should improve your sense of humor and enjoyment of the game.”

ORDER “ODD BALLS” TODAY! at http://golffanatics.org/shop or at www.oddballs.us and become the golfer you’ve always wanted to be!

You can also reach us by email at Founder@GolfFanatics.org





One thought on “Honourable Society of Golf Fanatics Announces the Launch of Odd Balls!

  1. Head Fanatic Post author

    Then there’s fellow Fanatic Ken Hoel, also famous for once being named the world’s “All-Time Swing Change Leader”, who weighed in with this quote and accompanying photo of a golf ball with a Mickey Mouse logo…

    “And sometimes you want your ball to just speak to the quality of your total game,” said Ken

    But Ken, our crack team of golf ball scientists are confident that “Odd Balls” are the perfect cure for your “Mickey Mouse” game. Give ’em a try!


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