5 thoughts on “Jerk of the Year Award

  1. Allan Jamieson

    Until the ruling bodies slap two shots on slow pokes, nothing will change. At the PGA Tour level, a money fine is a joke. The problem started at the junior and college level, so those bodies need to act. I’m old enough to remember when Jack said, “I’m not going to hit a shot until I’m absolutely ready.” The real fun would be a two shot penalty on the whole group and let peer pressure take its course. There would be fisticuffs, but so what. It would get results.

    1. Head Fanatic Post author

      So true, AJ. A two-stroke penalty is long overdue. A fist fight between DJ and JB would be a hoot too. Maybe the PGA Tour could arrange for us to bet on the fights. LMAO

  2. Stan the Man

    Too bad they did not shout go in when he hit it towards the water. That would have been perfect.
    That was my home course in High School in 63-64. The tee boxes got long with the hot ball and clubs.. At sea level and old clubs it was a different course. No. 12 played 456 from the whites and with a good drive, 3 wood and wedge I was home. Usually against the wind of the cliffs.
    Holmes was rude and the officials were spineless. What else is new in the entitled people world.
    Glad I am just a fast hack. My 7 shots to his 3. Step up and let it go, swing thoughts ruin the day.
    Let your inner golfer do his thing.

  3. Charles Madge

    Weight is what broke the wagon down. I enjoyed the drama. I would have taken longer if I was for that amount of money. Four minutes is not a lifetime!!! Fore,



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