Paige Spiranec Opens Up About Sexual Harassment

“Spiranac, a former golfer at San Diego State who has put her playing career on hold, has leveraged her online persona into an impressive portfolio that includes an endorsement deal with PXG and the 18 Birdies app. But she’s also become vocal in decrying the mistreatment of women online, serving as a spokeswoman for the anti-cyber bullying foundation, Cybersmile. As someone who has been criticized by men and women for using her looks to advance her career, Spiranac says women can be just as complicit in “victim shaming.”

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Here’s my two cents…Paige Spiranec does not have thousands of followers because of her golf swing. If she wants to sell her sexuality for fame she should accept the reality that she is pushing men’s testosterone buttons. If you want the so-called sexual harassment to stop, Paige, stop selling your sexuality. The world of decent people cannot be your police force. YOU control the reaction to (mostly) young, over-sexed males who ogle the very pics you post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and your image in the commercials for which you are paid thousands of dollars. You can’t have it both ways, girl. Stop posting your half-naked pics or stop whining. – The Head Fanatic

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