The Putting Bar on Carpet
The Putting Bar on Carpet

The Putting Bar


“Feel The Perfect Stroke”

Product Description

“Feel The Perfect Stroke”

The Putting Bar proves beyond any doubt that during a perfect putting stroke the shaft of your putter remains on a stable plane. Your putter shaft on rests on an angled plane when you putt, and it REMAINS on that plane throughout the stroke.

As we take the putter back on that plane, the putter head also goes UP. This is what creates the illusion that the putter head goes INSIDE the address plane and opens on the backstroke. But it doesn’t. It remains on that stable plane back and through the stroke and remains square to the angled plane on which it swings.

You are actually forming a circle – or portion of a circle – as you make a putting stroke, and the putter head rises above the ground on each side of the ball in both directions, yet it remains on the stable plane.

The Putting Bar guarantees a perfect stroke over and over if you simply rest your putter on the bar and rock your shoulders back and forth without any hand manipulation.

Speaking of guarantees, if you don’t like The Putting Bar, simply return it for a full refund.


What do you have to lose except strokes?


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