Selfishness is a key to success for a tour pro … until it goes too far

By Shane Ryan

“If I were being glib, I could describe a round of golf as two minutes of exertion sprinkled among five hours of waiting. Is four more minutes really that big a deal? And hey, why didn’t everyone get this mad at Jordan Spieth when he took a half hour to hit a shot at the British Open last year?”

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To answer Mr. Ryan’s rhetorical question, YES, four minutes is really that big a deal. You don’t think so, Shane? The next time you tee it up, I hope you have to play 18 holes behind some selfish knucklehead who takes four minutes for EVERY shot. Then let’s see what you say. As for Spieth, I got this mad at Spieth when he took a half hour to hit a shot at the British Open last year. In fact, I got madder. How about you? Good grief…  – The Head Fanatic


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