3 thoughts on “The 50 Best Teachers In America

  1. keoni63

    Clearly Dave Pelz is only a teacher for the pros that are milionaires and the ultra rich that can afford those rates. The same can be said for most of these teachers, because the everyday, common golfer can’t afford to pay for those lessons. I guess a day with Pelz could help a pro shave a few strokes and make a few hundred thousand more dollars, so for them it’s worth it. For most of us $50 or $60 an hour is a lot to pay and we do it hoping they can get us to enjoy the game a little better.

    1. Head Fanatic Post author

      Except that none of the tour players will get anywhere near him anymore. He was way too focused on technique and not focused enough on feel. Great players are more feel than technique. My guess is that he has set the rate so high to keep from having to even give lessons. He’s more focused on running his short game schools for chops. He’s also a legend in his own mind.


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